The Marmot with the Collar
Diary of a Philosopher

Appendix V

M (Marmot) Numbers

It is not clear how the Philosophical Marmot classified his Tablets – if he did so at all. It is implied that they are numerous and subject to removal, by paw and across rough country, sometimes under duress. Nevertheless, he is able to locate an entry with expedition.


As a service to readers of the Tablets the following system has been devised.


Each entry is associated with a distinct M Number of the form M.AA.BB.CC.DD.


M (of course) is for Marmot, Marmotte, Murmeltier...


AA indicates the season: 01 – 03 (from the First Summer to the Third).


BB indicates the moon: 01 – 07 (from the Moon of Avalanches to the Unhappy Moon).


CC indicates the phase of the moon: 01 – 04 (from the New Moon to the Last Quarter).


DD indicates the day of the week: 01 – 07 (from the First Day to the Seventh).


Multiple entries on the same day are indicated by a, b, c…


For example, the Philosophical Marmot records how he undertook his vow at M. (the First Day of the Last Quarter of the Clover Moon of the First Summer) and how he was compelled to set it aside at M. (the First Day of the Last Quarter of the Withered Moon of the Third Summer).


In addition, the entries are numbered sequentially: from M.001 to M.220.


Reference throughout this work is by M Number (whichever is more appropriate to context).


An outline of the succession of months, as known to Marmots, is offered at M. / M.020.

31st August 2020

E. Rambert: La marmotte au collier (1889)

The Marmot with the Collar
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Appendix V

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